Mission Statement

Courtyard, Kenyatta International Convention Centre

Courtyard, Kenyatta International Convention Centre, Nairobi, Kenya

AFRICAN CONNECTIONS was created in direct response to the numerous distortions, half-truths and omissions seen almost daily in the popular media regarding Africa, her people and the African Diaspora.

Our principal mission is to illuminate, to educate and to provide a balanced viewpoint that celebrates genuine achievement and service to humanity.

In telling these important stories, we will focus as well upon the physical, cultural, religious, intellectual, political, economic and geographic diversities of the continent and of the African Diaspora.

Throughout the 1990's, and into the new century, we were honored to play a role in documenting and bringing attention to significant events, institutions, personages and traditions.

As we move forward, the AFRICAN CONNECTIONS Research and Education Fund (ACREF) will seek to train and nurture a new generation of internationally focused "virtual griots" - multimedia historians, journalists, writers, technicians and photographers.

We invite your participation in this process...